Build Day is a new initiative created by Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW) that creates local sustainable change by bringing together local technical expertise and community power. Regular citizens, community leaders, and engineers will work together to design, educate, and build a sustainable solution to a locally pressing issue such as stable food production, clean and equal water access, and urban rehabilitation. Through the Build Day program, we are challenging students to consider and propose new, innovative solutions to tackle energy, water, transportation, public space, and engineering social justice issues to address resiliency and sustainability issues within their communities.

The overall goal is to create engineers better equipped to tackle large social problems and to understand their ethical responsibilities as technical experts. Any project, no matter how complex or messy the challenge, is always deeply rooted in a rich cultural history, political and economic contexts, and intrinsic social and power structures. Having student engineers and community leaders work side-by-side is crucial to building a better world that’s more sustainable, resilient, and socially equitable and responsible.